Second Call: Promotion and association of new junior group research leaders. Ended

We want to thank all persons for their contribution. The winner of the second call will be announced soon in the news section.

In year 3 and 4 of the first funding period (2023 and 2024), the CRC 1441 aims to promote and associate new junior group research leaders with the overall goal to include the most talented and suited early career researchers as principle investigators in the second funding period of the CRC proposal (2025-2028). In a competitive process, financial support for typically one PhD position by the CRC 1441 will be granted over the period of 2 years. This may be an interesting opportunity for W1-junior professors or group leaders to grow and promote their work with new collaborations within the broad thematic range of the CRC 1441.

The application for support in CRC1441 consists of the following three parts, which should be written in English:

  1. Cover letter, outlining the benefit of the grant and to the research/scientific career of the applicant, stating that the person is still early career researcher at the beginning of the second funding period in 2025

  2. max. 2-page proposal including state of the art, own expertise, contribution to the CRC 1441, work program and financial plan (see template)

  3. max. 2-page Curriculum Vitae including publication list (see template)

As stated above, the overall aim is to include the funded group to the CRC in the second funding period. For the application, please state your group size, your independency and your state as early career researcher in your curriculum vitae or cover letter. As a reminder, the following definition applies for early career researchers according to the DFG: the year of the oral exam is no later than eight years prior to the start of the second funding period (in our case 2025), maternity leave and parental leave this period can be extended by two years per child up to a maximum of 12 years). 

Please send the above mentioned files as PDF or Word file to contact∂ The deadline for application is the 1.1.2023.

In case of formal or content related question, do not hesitate to contact florian.maurer∂