C1 - Novel reactor and catalyst concepts via 3D-printing and supercritical fluid reactive deposition


This project investigates the synthesis and deposition of mono- and bimetallic PtPd nanoparticles by supercritical fluid reactive deposition on various types of monoliths washcoated with optimized catalyst supports. Advanced structured monoliths with complex flow geometries designed for efficient catalyst coating and fast mass transfer at low pressure drop by will be developed based on simulation linked to digital fabrication via powder-bed metal 3D printing. The resulting new catalytic converters will be benchmarked against established catalytic honeycomb converters equipped with the same support materials and catalysts, and structure-property relationships will be established. 

Project-related publications by participating researchers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Roland Dittmeyer

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Türk

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