C2 - Catalytic monoliths with narrow particle size distribution in washcoats with well-defined gradients


This project aims at developing advanced washcoated monoliths as catalysts for studies under transient operating conditions, bridging the gap between model catalysts and more realistic reactor systems. The best candidates for both the supports (with defined morphology) and noble metal clusters/particles are used for the preparation of the washcoat of monoliths. This requires the scaling-up of promising nanoparticle preparation routes with narrow size distribution, targeted washcoat preparation and zone and dual layer coating. The resulting coated monoliths serve as basis for X-ray microscopy, spatially resolved catalytic and structural studies and transient lab and engine bench tests.

Project-related publications by participating researchers

Prof. Dr. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt

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Prof. Dr. Silke Behrens

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