A2 - Reactivity and Sintering of Size- and Composition-Selected Clusters on Supports


For better mechanistic understanding of atomic scale reaction mechanisms, we will apply mass-selective ion deposition of Ptx=1-80, Pdy=1-150 and PtxPdy onto oxide supports (CeO2, patterned graphene/CeO2, Si/SiO2, TiO2 and Al2O3). The clusters’ structural changes, size dispersion, sintering, reactivity and catalytic activity will be tracked under conditions approaching those of engine exhaust catalysis. Local probe (STM) and ensemble averaging (XPS, TDS, FT-IR, NAP-XPS) surface characterization will be correlated with MS-based probes of reactivity to study CO and NO oxidation, NO reduction by CO and CH4 oxidation.

Project-related publications by participating researchers

Project- and subject-related list of publications

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