Visualizing Catalysts in Action

  • Type: TrackAct/IKFT Seminar
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  • Start: 15:00
  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Christian Danvad Damsgaard

    (DTU Nanolab, DTU Physics)

  • Information:

    The rate of catalyzed chemical reactions is in general very dependent on the actual state and geometry of the catalysts surface. This state and geometry are very often dependent on the actual chemical environment the solid-state catalyst is exposed to. Electron microscopy in general and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in particular gives unmatched detailed insight of the local chemical and structural state of the nanostructured catalysts. Adding the possibility of controlling the gaseous atmosphere around the studied sample at elevated temperature gives a unique way of watching catalysts in action. This work includes examples of how the Environmental TEM (ETEM) complements characterization of catalysts during catalyst formation and under reaction conditions.